recensioni crediti fifa economici This article is a tutorial for make players away from your club by keeping these players in your team and extending their contact. Just have a look at the following video.

Everyone will get a point that your star player wants to leave your club, hands in a transfer request and is sold by directors board. You are able to avoid this kind of situation if you simply leave it when you are rejected to offer your player a contract, and wait until a pop-up message comes and says my decision.

If you see this message, you can just repeat reloading saved data up until you get a message saying that this player decided to stay in your club and his contract will be renewing. You will lost your superstar if you offer him a new one when you are rejected to offer your player a contract.

There is another way that is time-consuming and longer. You can loan out the player for a loan that is short time and recall this player after a week. You can learn the best way to do it through the above video.crediti fifa 17 economici