purchase fifa coins Q. Will all players in FIFA 17 be able to join?
A.This mode is only available on PS4, Xbox One and PC at present, and you should own an EA account and connect internet. You must be 13 enough to create an EA account. Only the players that play on this consoles have the access to this mode. All members in FUT Club Champions around the world can receive the in-game reward that is monthly. But the monthly sweepstakes can only be sent to the residents from participating countries.
Q. Is FUT Champions Club Sweepstakes eligible on all countries?
A.Nope. This is only eligible for the legal residents of United Kingdom, South Korea, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, France, Canada (Quebec is excluded), Bulgaria, Austria, Australia, and the United States (the District of Columbia is included) and the resident should be as old as the minimum age in its jurisdiction.
Q. Why my mailing address is required?
A.Mailing address is asked because http://www.buyfifacoins.it/ once you win the monthly sweepstakes, EA can send you the real world prizes. So it is necessary for all members of FUT Champions that live in sweepstakes-eligible countries.
Q. How to cancel my membership of FUT Champion Club?
A.You can visit the Registration page, log in, and choose to edit your registration and do it at any time if you want.
Q. If I want to buy cheap and safe FIFA coins for my squad, what should I do?
A. Just click FifaCoin.com, and choose your favorite way to buy FIFA 17 coins. the cheapest fut coins